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Against the wind..

It’s strange how almost all of us try to play it safe almost all the time. Let’s stick to ’science’ as the stream of studies in school as arts & commerce is for the not-so-intelligent types, bike is a big no as Mr. Wiseman’s son travels by bus, no late night movies as ‘what will the neighbors say when they see you coming home so late’, no parties @ home as it’s not a hotel. And worst of all (did I say worst?) – you see a sick/injured living organism of your own specie on the road and turn a blind eye – why? Oopss new car, new seat covers - they’ll be a mess, I’m getting late for the party, an ambulance would be coming anyways, who’ll get into the legal hassle, he would probably be dead in a while so why waste time, good way to reduce the ever increasing population – Aww so sad, isn't it?

I used to think education is only those 12 years spent in school & some not so serious ones spent in college, and then – I’ll be a wise man doing well for myself. 11 years after (well it’s year 2008 when I’m writing this article) , I realize that school & college were at best just the theory or might be not even that. Am grateful to life for being so kind but honestly I don’t see myself anytime applying those theorems I learnt or trying to figure out probabilities and limits. Not to say these were not important – they hell were and I wish I was in IIT or something like that to get a chance to test them out in real. It’s not bad not being like most of my intelligent cousins & friends – 7 years ago when I began in a contact center, it was not at all the job some one would do in the family. ‘Telephone Operator’, ‘night job’, ‘Oh you could not clear the entrance exams?’, ‘pseudo names’, ‘no leaves on Indian festivals’ etc etc. – the list went on – your ever so intellectual aunts & uncles had their reasons to say why one should not be in such jobs. And I, the not so intelligent of the lot had just a head to nod and just cursed them silently.

I look back to those days now and laugh at those uncles & aunts. I proudly tell them I work for a contact center. In fact, it’s my third in the last 7 years. I feel good telling them about the quality time I spend with my family cause most part of the day am at home. They have no words when they see me enjoying my life at my terms and money from the same job they looked down upon (or they still look down upon). In social gatherings I get a sadist pleasure being in their company and subtly showing off myself at every given opportunity. My folks still think I should give them the ‘due’ respect, listen silently, should not react etc etc. But honestly I have 2 words for such ‘well wishers’ and they are not thank you.

Every day is a new subject in itself and every new person you meet – a new teacher. Education is not limited to those years spent in school & college alone. I’ve learnt so much after, that I feel grateful I did not play it safe. Had I done so, I guess I would not have been where I am today. I thank my stars that I realized I’m no Aryabhatta or Einstein in the making early in life. Biggest thanks to my parents who’ve always given me space to experiment and learn – on the job.

Yes it had been against the wind 10 years ago and still is. That reminds me – folks at work have nick named me Bhagat Singh (aka Bhaggu)! Well so be it – some one has to. Believe me, it feels much better facing the wind blowing on your face and walking against it than being pushed by it from behind and going where it goes. Simply put –“Do somethin bout it or don’t crib bout it. Take ur pick” . I hate folks who have the balls to say things are wrong but then those cylindrical objects shrink when something’s to be done to make things right.

I love late nights (be it work or fun) – I love the free mind I can work with, the open roads I can drive on and the time I get for myself in the day. I love being with my friends and having reunions or at home with my folks instead of being in that marriage of my another intellect cousin or friend of mine. My car’s seat covers are no where near the price of a man’s life who is in need. The biggest teacher so far has been life itself.

My late father is still my biggest mentor who always passively taught me to get up and get going – no matter what the situation was and what shape one was in. Very close seconds have been Manoj Pandey, Anant Singh, Ashish Dhingra, Gagan Mehta & Michelle Hatch. Written 10 or so years ago, published on this site today Cheers,


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