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Why I run.. It has nothing to do with running

Now really, what fun is in punishing yourself running when you can walk, running to nowhere but to just return to where you started, running to be full of sweat and parched in the mouth maybe, running to feel exhausted and out of breath.. just why?

For starters, it's my me time, the time where one can think and possibly solve many deadlocks.. for some it's while taking a bath, for me it's when on the road or the treadmill galloping those kilometers. Something that I've realized can be done in mid to long distance solo rides as well.

But solving stuff may sound too cliché eh? Let's dig into something more tangible shall we? Guess it's more about the joy one gets in seeing self do better (or worse at times) than the last run, the feeling of presumed (and maybe true too) fitness that the body and your heart make your mind believe.

You begin not losing your breath, not feel that exhausted and the beauty is when your shins no longer pain and calves no longer ache. The sweat doesn't bother you that much, the mouth isn't parched as such.. It's like breaking free - breaking free from the barriers of "I've aged", "I can't do it now", "It's impossible" etc.. When your body performs - it wins your heart and both collide to convince your mind to prove that you can still do it! Isn't it so wonderful a feeling? Being able to do what you felt you couldn't do few years ago and what doctors also said you can't ever do?

And well if you want to enjoy your music (including those chirping birds) - running is what makes it even better. With an ear bud in one ear and the other free to hear the elements - it's beautiful. I choose my music basis what kind of run it is - if it's a long slow run, it's probably good ol' Bryan Adams, MLTR or Jagjit Singh or maybe Lucky Ali too.. if it's a power run it's probably some trance or some Punjabi hip hop does the trick as well ;-).. And then those times when the music is just those birds, those crickets.. again no thumb rule, just basis the feel and the mood mostly.

Oh and your work that earns you your bread & butter - it's so surprisingly better - you think off your feet, you do feel fresh and energetic. Maybe it's the happiness of having been able to run good a particular day that trickles into your voice and those conference calls make you sound much happier, more confident and in control. It has surprised me how some tough discussions have been won which I earlier had not been able to get much success in. Plus a run teaches you to look forward to the next one without worrying too much for the run which didn't go well. Guess that applies at the workplace too subconsciously.

It makes a better version of me, and I'm sure it does to you too.. you don't feel so? There is something you need tweak for sure then.. go on check your running form, your sleep, your food, your hydration, maybe your weight and your foot wear too... it'll work out sooner or later. Run is Fun. Period :-)

Happy running guys,



Pic courtesy - Rohit

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Nirmal Singh Bisht
Nirmal Singh Bisht
Aug 07, 2023

I enjoy the music too and select according to the type of run and also change playlist based on effort 😀


Jun 16, 2021

Beautifully written sir... It will inspire many to start be a better version of ourselves..!!! Ending words were too good... Run is fun... Period!!!

Anupam Gupta
Anupam Gupta
Jun 23, 2021
Replying to

Thanks Shrikant, ha ha yea, it's pure fun.. and guess that's all that matters.. :-)

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