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My encounter with the virus..

Some dates for perspective -

19 Apr 2021 - 22.54 kms of long run in the morning, soon after got a SOS call for managing hospitalization and care of 2 close elderly relatives who got tested positive for Covid (rapid test). Same day my rapid test was negative (expected as the virus wouldn't have had shown it's true colors in few hours of exposure). I was worried that after the long exhausting run my immunity would have been very low making me very vulnerable to get the infection.

20 Apr 2021 - The relatives shifted to another hospital and my time of being quarantined begins.

21 Apr 2021 - Since restricted indoors, Rohan helps change my training regime to indoor cycling on the smart trainer

5 May 2021 - All good so far, no symptoms but as I complete approx. 2 weeks of quarantine I get my self tested (RTPCR). Result on 7 May 2021 - covid positive with low viral load (Ct value of 32.3)

8 May 2021 - Doc advises few tests such as D-Dimer etc - all good, no issues. Recommends some precautionary meds for a week and multi vitamins for 2

24 May 2021 - Get tested again - Result as on 25 May 2021 - Covid negative

So over a month of doubt, quarantine, self restrain.. wasn't easy but well I thought let's make best use of the time -

  • 6 days a week cycling regime - Resulted in 41+ hours of virtual cycling covering 1237 kms and 16,274 mts of elevation gain as part of my fitness training, which relates to 26,661 calories burnt (well that's what Garmin algorithm says). With reduced weight and re-benchmarked FTP of 264 watts, it means 4.10 watts/kg... Now that's something to be happy bout too ;-)

  • Daily cooking with mom's supervision and chores including cleaning the house (even when there wasn't a need - but to keep the body going and active - aerobic workouts in disguise)

  • Sleep focus - If couldn't complete 7 hours at night, ensured I gave me an hour or 2 in day to sleep to make up and keep the body fresh maybe

  • Revisiting other passions - Working on my much desired website. WIP, will roll out soon. Photography from the porch has restarted and am loving what I see from there - the fauna and patters in the sky are awesome

  • Hand stands! My new irk :-)

  • Reading - have begun reading and when too impatient to read, resorting to audio books - and no sir, not just anything - bout maybe life, food and sports

  • Weight mgmt. - From 67.4 kgs to now 64.3 kgs

  • Body Fat - 20.3% to 18.4%

  • Culinary skills - Well from able to make just edible rotis/paranthas, guess have moved on to be able to make basic vegetable preparations and more edible rotis/paranthas

  • Repurposing social media for pandemic support - Saw many volunteers in groups or in individual capacities team up to fight the menace of ill information, help people struggling on ground with need of oxygen, beds, ambulances etc - guess time usually wasted in nonsensical social media and OTT was much put in use to help fellow beings. Thanks all for the support

  • Managing grief - Like most of us, I lost many loved ones too - in extended family and friends. And many friends lost their dear ones as well. What we've not come to terms is (and guess won't) is how to manage this grief. It is exponential and just hits hard every time a sad news hits us on the face. The only way I guess I managed or tried manage this sadness was to try help more folks and more and more folks with every demise I heard. Guess that's the only thing we can do and should do.

  • My work place offers 28 days of leaves for any covid positive case, but with no symptoms and anyway work being from home, there wasn't any need to avail those day offs. Happy to see my management, my HR and even my CEO reach out periodically to check on my health and well being.

  • And like always - mom's been a pillar of support. She ain't very mobile otherwise due to the various surgeries she's been through etc, but the way she stood up to try help me any which way she could is unimaginable. A benchmark of will power she is. Hats off to her. Wish I have even 10% of her will power.

My take away - Of course folks my encounter with the virus was no encounter at all when compared with the mess and dread we are still seeing around us. But I think I did not know that. I did not know how it will play out, so all I could do is play it as if it'll be fine the next week, the next day, the next hour, the next minute or the next second. Followed the advise of the doctor to the T. Stayed in 99% of the times and hygiene focus was at the level of paranoia.

Thanks everyone who kept in touch and reached out. Just wanted to share this month's journey with all.



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