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Bania Speaks – Is it really ALL about money, honey?

Since ages we’ve been taught and groomed to earn more and spend less. Spend less and save more. Save for the future, for the children, invest in property, gold, shares, securities, NSCs, FDs, mutual funds etc etc. – the list is endless.

Has anyone ever thought about investing the money we earn in the most prized possession of all times – LIFE itself?

12 hours a day at work to earn those few thousands or lacs or crores a year are worth it till the time the balance 12 hours are spent with folks and things that matter. People all around are busy earning big bucks but at the same time are neck deep in EMIs, loans, installments, investments etc. What’s missing is the time to enjoy their wealth OR worse still – they don’t have their wealth with them as it’s the future that’s holding it at ransom.

29 years of age, INR 1,000,000 a year as income, single – looks like the profile of a successful “eligible” bachelor. What hits below the belt is the debt that ‘successful’ person is under. Follows next is compromise – with your dreams, your values, ethics and ofcourse the ever so limited time. You earn more to save more and to save more you spend less – compromise in health care, compromise in mode of travel, compromise in everything. You want to kick that job or pursue your dream but you also need to fund that house loan and drive that car which eats up your salary each month. It’s a pity. Phew !! Thank God.. Thanks a ton for keeping me credit free till date.

One would argue that all this is to take care of self 10 years down the line. My question is – what good is this wealth when you don’t have the strength or the inclination to enjoy it after those 10 years as you could now. What good is taking a pain killer to save those bucks and rather not get complete diagnosis & treatment. Is all this worth it? Think about it.

There’s a thin line between being extravagant and being comfortable. It’s about identifying that line and being comfortable if not more, and being comfortable today not only tomorrow. Money is important.. as important as 98% of all.. but guess it’s time to give thought to that petty 2% as well.

I remember rejecting an opportunity last month which was going to pay me 34% more than I earn right now but wanted 44% more of my time – going by Bania logic – nah.. not worth it.. was it? Think about it..

सोच साथ क्या जाएगा ” .. a quote in Hindi I read behind a truck yesterday while driving to work .. makes me wonder – a rich man is nothing but a poor man with money..

Anupam Originally written 11 year ago :-) Published on this website today

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