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Motivation VS Discipline VS Habit VS Lifestyle

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Off late in our fitness communities we've been talking about the 4 big words and their usefulness or lack of it etc. etc. Some of us feel strongly that motivation is key to success and some say it's just crap. Some feel discipline is everything while some say one needs be agile to prioritize things as they come across. And then some feel it's just about making something as a habit which leads to a lifestyle.. Well and I like always - think why have this OR that, why can't they be all together or in sequence or some combination etc doing their job with the common purpose of a better version of ourselves.. Well maybe yes maybe not, but an impromptu thought here for your read over if you chose to -

Guess motivation is like carbohydrates - we need it for that immediate boost and the push to cross that hard finish line - in the mind mostly. I don't see how I could have done some crazy feats in past or some do without this when science and wise men said the body and mind aren't ready..

Motivation isn't something different from discipline I guess.. infact motivation to me has led me to be somewhat disciplined. The motivation to be the better version of me is the start, the long path to that betterment is discipline really - that discipline becomes priority if the motivation stays and well discipline fuels motivation too I guess - Maybe as an example - I'm motivated to run better than my last marathon in my next marathon but I can't achieve that without the discipline to the process, the regime. And the discipline won't matter if I've no target (for me the motivation to be better) and I'm going around like a headless chicken..

The natural next step after the motivation and discipline play their games I believe is habit - it won't matter if you're motivated or not, you have the discipline or not - you just would do the due as a habit... it doesn't matter if I'm tired or not - I make my bed the first thing when I wake up - just as a habit now.. but it all began with motivation to have a tidy room and discipline to do so myself. That's what the workout regime and training is for some of us (if not all) now I guess - it's our habit.

And of course once this habit is your second nature, it is your lifestyle. You get known as 'that guy who runs', 'that guy who is fit', 'that guy who leads a healthy "lifestyle"' blah blah.. And then you don't know any other way to live. Partying late night feels alien if often, those drink sessions seem awkward.. running late night is normal and early breakfasts after long runs or rides seem just right..

Guess am on the 2nd step and about to step on the 3rd sometime - between discipline and habit.. and keep going back to the first (motivation) at times to feel good about it all :) Looking forward to the 4th (lifestyle) if not already.

Thoughts? Pour them out in the comments.



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