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We humans.. as wave 2 tide recedes..

.. what happened? Was it many years ago we had wave 2 of the deadly pandemic where we lost many of our dear ones? Was it a nightmare and not real? Was it just a joke? Are we all now immune and immortal? Or is it that our memory is just not that great? Is it normal to still see over 100,000 cases a day and 3000-4000 deaths a day (ofcourse official numbers only, actual ones would be much higher).. Is this the new normal? Why I think so? Read on..

I was watching the news yesterday seeing poor farmers and wagers and rural folks not wearing masks, not maintaining distances and doing their usual stuff - procuring seeds, going for work, marriage gatherings etc - and I was blaming their lack of knowledge, their carelessness and pure lack of their own self worth for it..

.. But today as I see lots of fellow sports enthusiasts stepping out in groups with no or seldom distances maintained, no masks, huddling together for photographs and what not... makes me wonder - Was all the pandemic hoopla unreal? I wish that is so, as that'll make some of my relatives and some of my friends and some of my friends' near and dear ones be still alive..

Pinch me someone, wake me up

Photo source - P Jawahar (Indian Express) Anupam..

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