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My idea of independence

What? No tricolored t-shirt, no flag, no painted face.. not even a hint of orange, white or green? Instead another portrayal of transformation? Well yes. Read on..

Like on mornings of every Independence day of our country, today too - been thinking - what independence really means to us. Past years have been spent thinking if our community, our environment, our fellow beings, the politico systems, the world dynamics, economy etc are really independent - have we really moved 70+ years towards the better? Today was no different, same thoughts began pouring in.. but then when few hours back - flicking through YouTube - a clip from the awesome flick '3 Idiots' came by (the one where Aamir makes Kareena realize her independence).. and the term independence was suddenly so clear and so different.

Guess I'm redefining independence for myself as I realize it today. It's many things but now so self focused rather than about the big world and others. It feels good being independent (almost) of the unnecessary weight (both physical literal and the weight of stress that bogged the mind) over past few years. Independence is freeing up self from the many medicines and the many constraints doctors had put down on their prescription papers. Not thinking twice before extending a helping hand and/or opening the purse strings for those in need - that's independence. When I know I can travel around yet be at work flexibly (almost) and from anywhere, that makes me feel independent.

The power and shamelessness to say NO to people and things that drain energy or to whom you don't align - that's independence. The courage to say YES to those actions, plans and people that inch you closer to your dreams - that's independence. Choosing to spend silly on a shoe or bicycle and be branded a miser for not changing the car for over a decade - that's independence. Skipping that one day of your fitness training (today's infact :-)) and knowing you aren't falling behind - that's independence. Doing what brings happiness to me versus trying please others - guess that's independence too :)

Guess in short - being able to chose & act without prejudice - that's independence. No it isn't something me or anyone I guess would have achieved ever - not even the monks in the mountains maybe, but well who cares? Lol I don't - that's independence ;-)

Cheers to this independence folks,


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