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From "You can't run" to an ultra runner

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

April 2016 it was, and I was in pain... acute pain when in the mornings I woke up and landed my feet on the ground. My heels used to hurt like hell. Like any other person I thought let's get this looked up by a doc. And well that's what I did. Was told to never stand/walk barefoot, never ever to attempt any impact exercise including running, use gizmo insoles and what not. Physiotherapy and mundane exercises were prescribed as well apart from checking Vitamin D and B12 levels.

Well I took that advise with a pinch of salt and thought yea - that's what my next rest of the life will be - pot bellied, over weight, sleepy, ever munching male.. moving to old age too soon. Add to that my acute hypothyroid condition added more to the belief - I just can't do what young ones do - I just need drag myself for the rest of my life.

Somehow one fine day I was asked to try cycling for the fun of it and thanks to Kirti that's what I did. Never looked back and been on ultra cyclist mode since then doing what I never thought was possible. But still running was taboo - impact sports to be avoided etc was all I remembered. But then in 2019 on a 300km brevet (long distance cycling event), Rohan asked me why do I not try running. I had my reasons and he had his to counter mine. His knowledge on the human anatomy and how we humans were meant for running in the first place intrigued me very much. And I began running. Began with 2kms which made me energy sapped for 2 days.. move to 10kms, HMs and then my recent FM on my last birthday in December 2020 when I turned 40. And March 2021 - I ran my impromptu ultra - 50 kms. I am now able to do sub 2 hour HMs, 50 min 10ks, and sub 5m/km 5ks as well. The only thing I did since the pandemic was subconsciously get my weight down (purely through food focus) - from 75 kgs to 63 kgs and now 65 kgs, from fat %age of 24% to 19% (lowest has been 16%) and off late strength training in the gym. I'm faster, I can run longer and my heart rate is so much better than ever before.

I can't believe what I was in that April of 2016 and I'm sure if I meet that doc now he'll not believe what I'm now too. Not discounting his advise but what no one tells us is the power of determination and grit. I still have the medical conditions that I noted here but they don't stop me. I work around them. I take care of my hypothyroidism and get regular checkups done. My feet see them pampered well with right shoes - signed off by orthotics who know their stuff. My ticker is reviewed every 6 months and my vitals too. A fitness watch and a smart scale are my best purchases off late. And a huge focus on diet and recovery.

And yes - it's a blessing when your mother keeps up with your madness, and though she still thinks I should gain few inches, she's happy And happy remembering fondly how she used to run in her school days n all Thanks mom for tolerating me.

Go ahead fellas - whatever you think is impossible, challenge it.

When someone tells you it's not doable, just google up stories of folks who proved all this wrong. And then someone soon will be googling up and reading yours too. And yes, keep learning, keep sharing Too cliché eh? Oh let it be!

Keep inspiring everyone! Any questions or feedback - please feel free to post in comments. Critics welcome as well

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4 comentários

Garima arora
Garima arora
25 de jan. de 2022

Now you need to coach me!


Vijay Kunwar
Vijay Kunwar
04 de set. de 2021

super 👌


vipul aggarwal
vipul aggarwal
29 de ago. de 2021

Defy all odds...

Anupam Gupta
Anupam Gupta
31 de ago. de 2021
Respondendo a

Thanks doc! :)

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