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The islands of life..

It's something evolving as a thought or a realization off late - I know I've been professing (and guess practicing or trying to) how we should really not let our thoughts, influence be limited to just a small groups of people, community or locality.. be it sports or anything. How may be delimit ourselves to think beyond the known limits and see what the world has to offer. The kind of feeling one gets when in an airplane after a long time and seeing the world down below - to realize there's so much more to do and see and realize and learn than just that small sphere of our own so called big community/society etc we live in..

But well off-late been thinking - what does it matter anyways. I mean why strive, why just try think what's small or what's big.. or what's limiting us and why try delimit self too.. where does this end? I guess it ends in a constant journey called improvement or betterment or perfection maybe? But is it all worth really?

Why not just grow bigger than what we were yesterday and forget if it's a small island limiting us or the big island opening it's arms to us or one we should be looking to set foot on..

Distractions they best are I feel now - the constant subconscious fit in we do by either saying this is not for us or saying the world is bigger than we know it is.. it's again putting dimensions and measurements and yard stick in place, when really you don't need any.

I think more from sports perspective when crazy thoughts such as the ones above strike me and well - Just what and why do I even want to be the fastest when I pedal or why aim be the one with the best cadence/HR etc when I run.. Why can't I just be what I'm.. Just be the fun on the saddle happily pedaling away or the guy running around enjoying his me time and not worrying so much about numbers?

Well it's guess hypocrisy again for sure on my part. I measure so much everything and anything and then talk about why do we even need it.. Oh man why again do i need worry what's hypocrisy or not?

Does it really matter? Does this question even matter at all?.. can't it just be 'Love you Zindagi' types? Oh well see another question!!



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