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The warm water bath..

From the day language enters our lives (for most of us it's our toddler years - our days at play school and with parents), the focus subconsciously shifts to achievements, targets and how we need do something to reach somewhere.

Recreational activities move from being pure recreational to a subject in school to score good at, to outshine others and what not. The game of football becomes less of playing around with the ball but about scoring more than the other team. Flying a kite moves from enjoying the glide of the paper contraption to how many other kites you could get down with yours. And for us many yesteryear boys (and many girls too) - pressing the pedal to zip past the others versus enjoying the cruise of a mobike.

Being into the hobby or sport of cycling, have seen myself fall victim of the 'achievement' bug at times - from enjoying the rides, exploring the world - the focus so much at times moves to being faster than the others, being X kmph or more on a ride and what not.

Academia - oh well, I would have loved to study Economics but gave up as grades at college proved it'll be disastrous if I stayed on. Switched gears purely for performance in academia - seemed brighter for me in computer science but well the love for Economics stayed. But yeah, the game moved form love of a subject to score in that.

Our workplace? How many of us enjoy taking up challenges for the sake of learning something new or feeling excited about the change VS shying away from those in fear of failure? We use words such as motivation and demotivation - well ask a 5 year old kid who falls off the stairs running most times - he isn't demotivated by falling, as he doesn't know what that word is. He doesn't care if he 'succeeds' in climbing the staircase, all he knows is he loves running on them and falling and getting up and doing it again... till an adult steps in and tells him he's not doing it right! Duh he didn't care!!

Guess we need to see our efforts as a warm water bath - in a winter morning you step into your bath and turn on the warm shower - you enjoy every bit of it, but you don't (well most I'd say) don't worry if we are getting cleaned up in the process, whether it'll be cold when you step out again, or if the water will run out.. you just rather enjoy the moment as it exists - in the now, in the warm stream on a cold body, without worrying what it'll be after - that is guess what we miss doing as we get older and well.. wiser :-) Hope you find your warm water bath moments everyday in everything you do.

Enough blabbing now! Cheers :-)


P.S. Been speaking to a cyclist off late trying to help him get his gear ratios right to suit his style, strength and desire for speed. What really transpired after many conversations was however the fact - focus was high on seeing results vs really enjoying the rides that kept him getting demotivated and feel something's wrong. This article is triggered from that conversation. Thanks mate :-)

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