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The truth behind "I am not ready"

Been hearing this most times from most folks in most situations - "I am not ready". Really? When will we be?

In our jobs when a new task or challenge present themselves which one has no clue or experience on - these 2 very reasons become our shield - not to protect us but to help us not be uncomfortable and not take up something beyond what our salaries justify. Funny isn't it that then we wonder why it's mostly a "met expectations" most get? Well since they just did that - they met the expectations, but not exceed or out-stand. And to do that one has to take risks and step into unknown waters at times. No guarantees though! It's a race out there in the corporate world let's admit it - point is do you want to be the rat in it or step out of the race to be the pied piper?

In life - been ever in a situation you had to go the extra mile, put your own comfort (or even life) at stake to help someone else or do good in general - we do shy off don't we - as we aren't ready again - nah not ready to help but not ready to be bothered, not ready to again deviate from our plans of comfort. Sad news we often see about accident or crime victims dying a slow death when people around could have helped but seldom some do. No we don't want to think if we are the victims then what..

In sports (well a discussion with someone on cycling just now has triggered me to write this article) - I admit it's tough on body and some sports are plain not safe - like long distance cycling on our Indian roads specially in the dark, we are not physically up for endurance sports in general, we find it tough to wake up early mornings to work out and plain simple blame it to guess what - yes life and job again :-) where we aren't ready too - it's in the mind I'd say - if your mind tells your body to perform and shut up - chances are you'd perform and you'd perform to surprising levels of achievement and endurance. Of-course the science of nutrition and sports' techniques are equally important but well if mind is not set to do something or achieve something - best of things won't help.

We are ready - we are ready now! We were ready yesterday and we'll be ready tomorrow, point is - when do we take that deep breath and just move ahead. Go figure.

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