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Undoing the Ordeals

I need to do this, I need to do that, oh I'm going to forget all this - let me make a To Do List.. oh this list is too long and maybe I don't want or don't need do that thing here or delay that thing there...

And well this ordeal repeats. For some of us for sure, well at least for me it does.

Just thinking while I pen my thoughts - Why not just have an Undo list to make life bit easier and well non scurrying. And it's a one-time list :) Once something is undone, it never sees it's way back in :). My thoughts on my Undo list maybe -

  • Just do away with being the 'Yes' guy at drop of a hat - as that then becomes obligation and then another entry (or entries) into the to-do list.. If any ask does not make you happy, is not for someone you care, nor adds any material value - just why do it? A polite 'no' I guess is in order without the guilt feel.

  • Stop being the branded or unbranded 'role model' or 'custodian' or 'the one'.. well good to have people inspired and all with you and happy with your actions, but then you never know when it becomes more of compliance and less of a happy action. This undoing I guess begins with undoing being a social media campaigner for nothing, not being the expert for opinions & help as well one really isn't, not going unnecessarily the extra mile when it's not asked for or needed.

  • Stop thinking all the time of 'community first' and trying take them along always or being along... it is painful keeping the herd together or being in one really.. and for what? There's no election campaign being run, nor any dependency either way.. One can do things in closed groups or even solo minus the guilt or expectation from others.

  • Feel okay with resetting targets - We talk about agility at our work places but at times get stuck to being hell bent in certain non work areas. Guess it's time to look at the larger picture than the short term targets one has set.. even if it means resetting or doing away with any/some of them.

  • Don't be so hassled to 'maintain' the blog :) - it'll maintain thyself or even if it doesn't - what the hell, who cares :)

So well I think I've some of my to-be-undone sorted, hope the above make you think about yours's!



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May 24, 2022

Wonderful though. Undoing is always most difficult. It has huge emotions to be tackled.

Anupam Gupta
Anupam Gupta
May 24, 2022
Replying to

Emotions ki HITT kar denge :)

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